01 // Cycling in

Jeruzalem Slovenia

Jeruzalem hills and Pomurje region ​is ​a perfect bicycle tourism destination. Therefore you can find cycling tours and routes in north-eastern Slovenia which are easy and cross-country tracks.

Cycling tours around Pomurje are a great way to exercise in nature and learn while taking in the beauties of Slovenia. You are able to visit cultural heritage spots and taste traditional gourmet delights without any guilt. In the end, you will be rewarded with amazing views and the feeling of self-accomplishment.

Optional activity, four cyclists riding on a macadam road through the vineyards
Posing of cyclists with visible vineyards heart shape background
Optional activities, cyclist in the midst of the hilly Prlekija region during increased cloudiness
Young cyclist posing on a path in the middle of a forest
Cross-country biker on the trail near Podhamer cottages
A cyclist in the midst of the diverse floodplains of the Prlekija region
02 // Cycling by the

Mura river

The Mura river is a synonym for wildlife diversity and presents one of the richest ecosystems in Europe. Locals call it Slovenian Amazon. You can explore its cut-off meanders in the morning mist, go bird watching and recharge your energy at the energetic park Razkrižje.

Mura has a strong historic and cultural value to make your holidays in Slovenia a meaningful experience. You can stop at the operating floating mill Babič and the historic cable ferry. A must-see for couples is the “Island of love” in Ižakovci, which is, according to the legend, the place where lovers meet.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: LOW
04 // Cycling


For all activities we offer, we will do our utmost to organize the highest quality and unforgettable experience. As we are dependent on external partners, we reserve the right to cancel in case of force majeure events that we cannot influence.

By making a reservation, you confirm that you participate in the activities at your own risk.

Bike ride and rafting on the Mura river

Take a scenic 22km cycling route to the starting point of your rafting adventure on Mura. Leave your bike behind in the village of Petanjci and let your guide take you on a thrilling and educational voyage down the broad Mura river.

Your bike will be waiting for you at the exit point on the Island of love, where you can have a lunch break and cycle back home at your own pace.

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Difficulty: LOW

Cycling around Jeruzalem vineyards

Jeruzalem hills with vineyard terraces are perfect for those looking for more challenging biking trails, diverse landscape and picturesque views.

Go on a wine tour with a bike and stop at the wine cellars of your choosing to try some of the best Slovenian white wines and culinary delights. The refreshments will give you the boost to conquer the hills with ease.

  • Duration: depends on the track and its difficulty
  • Difficulty: LOW to MEDIUM

Cross-country track in Prlekija and Jeruzalem

If you’re brave and adventurous enough to let our guide take you on the most interesting and intense trail over the slopes, through woods, meadows and backyards, you are in for a treat of your life. As the uphills and downhills will be extreme, just as the experience that will stay in your memory for good.

This off-road cycling adventure ends at a local farm, where you will recharge with great homemade food and amazing wine.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: HIGH

Tripoint route: A day trip across 4 countries

On a 120km trail you will have a rare chance to cycle through 4 neighbouring countries – Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. The tripoint can be admired from Vinarium, an “Eiffel tower of Pomurje”.

You will push through a full day of uninterrupted cycling, but we will make sure you enjoy every moment of it. All refreshments are included in the tour.

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Difficulty: HIGH
05 // Cycling tour


Srečko Kavaš is a licensed cycling tour guide of the Mountain association of Slovenia, who will take care of the safety and entertainment.

Usually he is accompanied by Staš, Mirko, Dominik and other bike enthusiasts so fun is guaranteed.

For an unforgettable experience ask us for professional support, which includes:

  • a tour guide;
  • bike rental and additional equipment;
  • help with planning a personalised tour;
  • accident insurance.
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