Holiday House Marijan


Take a look at our Holiday House Marijan Gallery. Experience the ultimate eco-friendly family vacation at our exclusive vineyard cottages. They are nestled atop a secluded hill and surrounded by endless terraced vineyards in the North East of Slovenia. You will indulge in the luxury of having the entire holiday home to yourself. It comes complete with a breathtaking terrace boasting panoramic views. Our charming house is ideal for creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Children can safely explore and enjoy their own adventures. You can also discover the hidden gem of our wine cellar, where you can savour the finest wines from the world-renowned Jeruzalem wine region. Unforgettable moments await you at our exquisite vineyard cottage.

You can also see the beautiful location of our exclusive cottage HERE or take a look at the surrounding attractions like Expano or other local attractions on the webpage Visit Jeruzalem.

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