What you need to know about Jeruzalem

Visit Jeruzalem, Slovenia and enjoy a relaxing romantic weekend, gourmet and active vacations or adventurous family holidays in Jeruzalem, one of the most unspoilt holiday destinations in Slovenia – in the heart of Jeruzalem vineyards.

Jeruzalem – Where the finest white wines complement the hearty culinary tradition

What you need to know about Jeruzalem

Jeruzalem wine region is among the rare authentic hidden gems of Europe, a secluded setting far away from tourist crowds. Scenic vineyard hills will overwhelm any visitor looking for a top value food and wine tasting experience.

Rent a traditional Slovenian vineyard cottage and discover your favourite wines in your private wine cellar.

Complement the carefully selected wines with a homemade meal from a wood-fired clay oven, using fresh vegetables from your front garden. Wander off on a 4×4 wine tour and indulge in the culinary specialities of eastern Slovenia from the local tourist farms.

There is a flavor to meet everyone’s taste. Fresh salad will never again taste as good without the pumpkin seed oil dressing, while the tender smoked meat from tünka will redefine your meat preferences. Experience unique flavors of central European cuisine with a dry white wine cocktail and finish your meal with a warm cottage cheese dessert, a glass of sweet Traminer or late harvest Muscat.

Where relaxing wellness vacations complement outdoor adventures

Pomurje region is best known for the many natural thermal spas and wellness centers in Slovenia. The nearby thermal resort Banovci boasts with a beautifully designed sauna complex and Biothermal water park Mala Nedelja is one of the rare spas with high-quality drinkable thermal water.

This unspoilt part of Slovenia also has natural wonders perfect for active vacations. The picturesque Jeruzalem hills offer great opportunities for family cycling or adventure mountain biking.

The Mura river rafting is not only a thrilling experience but also an educational tour to explore its rich wildlife. The second water giant in eastern Slovenia, the Drava river, is a popular local wild swimming spot in the summer. With river rapids and a hidden island splitting the stream, it is ideal for river trail horseback riding.

Fill your days with outdoor activities and relax your muscles in the evenings. You can visit a thermal spa and wellness center or enjoy a therapeutic massage on the terrace of your vacation rental, overlooking the breathtaking terraced hills at sunset.

Where rural tranquility stems from unique cultural heritage

Jeruzalem hills are famous for spectacular views of green terraces that form one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The most typical accommodation option in the hilly parts of Slovenia are vineyard holiday houses. The huts at the top offer amazing views of the green terraces and golden corn fields in the Pannonian Basin.

Pomurje is a peaceful rural region characterized by family-run farms. Here traditions are still very much alive. In the valley you will find operating mills floating on the Mura river, selling fresh buckwheat and corn flour, and in the hills you will admire wooden wind rattles, the symbol of Styria, used by local winemakers to protect their harvest from birds.

The people are known for their genuine hospitality – do not be surprised if a friendly local approaches you with a glass of spritzer or a shot of walnut spirit as you wander around.

If you are looking for a break from a predictable holiday experience, book our cosy holiday homes Marijan or Boris today. Share your wants and preferences with us and we will take care of all the rest to ensure your stay in Slovenia is unforgettable.

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