Podhamer Activities


Check some of the activities in Podhamer Activities Gallery. If you want to experience active vacations in the most authentic way, Jeruzalem wine region is the perfect destination for you. While experiencing the lifestyle of the locals, a vacation in Northeastern Slovenia will leave a lasting memory.


We offer you:
  • Horseback riding along the Drava River and its banks.
  • Cycling in the flat part of Prlekija or in the more hilly area amidst the terraces of the Jeruzalem Hills.
  • Rafting on the nearby Mura River, which we call the Slovenian Amazon due to its diverse ecosystem.
  • Wine lovers can also taste the world-renowned wines of Jeruzalem wine region. We will take you through the terraced vineyards to three magnificent Jeruzalem cellars in an open jeep. There you will taste only the finest Prlekija wines.
  • Enjoy in our wellness with relaxing views over Jeruzalem hills and combine them with a massage or private sauna and jacuzzi.

We can offer plenty of different activities, some of which can be seen below in our Podhamer Activities Gallery. You can also see the beautiful location of our exclusive cottages HERE or take a look at the surrounding attractions like Expano or other local attractions on the webpage Visit Jeruzalem.

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