Podhamer Wellness


See our beautiful Podhamer Wellness Gallery. In the immediate vicinity of the Podhamer holiday cottages, a hidden gem awaits. A wellness oasis or spa that offers a unique experience. Alongside the indulgence of a couple’s retreat in a Jacuzzi and the use of a Finnish or steam sauna, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the vibrant Prlekija valley and Jeruzalem wine region.

As you relax in the jacuzzi, being pampered by massaging jets and witnessing the mesmerizing sunset unfolding right before your eyes.The wellness corner offers you the utmost intimacy and tranquillity which can be seen in the Podhamer Wellness Gallery.

When guests occupy the holiday cottages, they have exclusive access to all the wellness facilities. And in turn, when the cottages are unoccupied, you can revel in the serene Podhamer wellness in undisturbed privacy. Moreover, as guests of the cottages, you’ll enjoy special discounts tailored just for you.

You can also see the beautiful location of our exclusive cottage HERE or take a look at the surrounding attractions like Expano or other local attractions on the webpage Visit Jeruzalem.

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